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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we offer genetic testing to help determine if your cancer was due to an inherited gene mutation. Genetic testing looks for specific inherited changes in an individual’s genetic profile. Genetic testing may also help determine whether family members without a current cancer diagnosis have inherited the gene mutation and are at a higher risk for developing cancer. With this information, we are better able to tailor preventive or surveillance strategies for our patient and family members.

A geneticist is a doctor who has been trained and educated in medicine and genetics. Geneticists at CTCA® help patients better understand hereditary cancer genes. Geneticists evaluate and test patients for hereditary conditions. The geneticists at CTCA work with patients to determine if a genetic test is appropriate and help the patient complete testing. You may be a candidate for genetic testing if you have a family member with a known inherited gene mutation or two or more close family members have the same type of cancer. If you were diagnosed with breast, colon or uterine cancer under the age of 50 or have ovarian cancer at any age, you may consider genetic testing as an option. 

While genetic testing may be helpful to many patients, it is not for everyone. If genetic testing is recommended for you, your CTCA geneticist will work closely with you to complete the test and analyze the results. When the test results are available, you will meet with your genetic counselor to review the report and answer your questions. At CTCA, geneticists work with the rest of your care team to provide a coordinated, personalized approach to your cancer care.