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Genetic counselors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) are responsible for providing information and support to patients and their families who may be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions, including cancer. Genetic counselors are highly trained medical professionals who counsel individuals about their genetic risk and the implications of genetic testing. At the first appointment, genetic counselors may discuss an individual's personal and family history of cancer, prepare a family tree (also known as a pedigree), and analyze the pattern of cancer in the patient’s family.

The goals of genetic counseling are to explain the risks and benefits of genetic testing and review the options available. If a patient chooses to undergo genetic testing, the genetic counselor at CTCA® will interpret the results, analyze inheritance risks and explain the information. When communicating the completed analysis, genetic counselors prepare patients for the results. Genetic counselors help patients manage distress and cope with the mental, medical and social consequences of the test results. The genetic counseling team at CTCA takes the time to talk with each patient in detail about his or her genetic test results and answer questions that come up so that they understand how their results may affect their lives.

Integrative care is core to the mission at CTCA, where combining conventional treatments and supportive therapies provide our patients with whole-person care. Our five state-of-the-art cancer hospitals across the United States care for cancer patients using advanced treatments and technologies in a comforting and welcoming environment. Our hospitals focus solely on cancer care, delivering all treatments, diagnostics and other procedures under one roof.