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The general surgery department is responsible for performing a variety of surgical procedures. Our skilled general surgeons at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) have years of experience in performing surgical procedures on all areas of the body. General surgeons perform surgery on the digestive tract, abdomen, head and neck, breast, soft tissue and vascular system. They are also prepared to perform critical care and emergency surgery, as well as solid organ transplantation, and are trained in performing laparoscopic surgery.

At CTCA®, our experienced general surgeons have performed thousands of procedures, from scheduled surgeries to surgical emergencies. When applicable, they may recommend and discuss the surgical options available to you, based on your individual needs and goals. The various members of the multi-disciplinary care team at CTCA take the time to talk with each patient in detail about his or her treatment options, and answer questions that come up. At the beginning of the planning process, we work to anticipate and manage side effects from surgery. Our supportive care team includes nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists, naturopathic providers and other clinicians who work together with your general surgeon to reduce side effects and improve quality of life after surgery.

Integrative care is core to the mission at CTCA, where delivering personalized whole-person care is paramount. Our five state-of-the-art cancer hospitals across the United States care for cancer patients using advanced treatments and technologies in a comforting and welcoming environment. Our hospitals were designed to focus solely on cancer care, where patients receive all treatments, diagnostics and other procedures under one roof, led by an experienced team of oncology experts.