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Acupuncture is one of many integrative oncology services offered at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). Each program is designed to provide patients with therapies to help them manage side effects and maintain quality of life before, during and after cancer treatment. Acupuncturists at CTCA® help cancer patients clear their energy pathways, which may have been thrown off balance or clogged by cancer or its treatment. Using this ancient Chinese practice to open pathways may help patients recharge their immune systems in an effort to restore balance, encourage natural healing and improve symptom management.

As part of this optional service, an acupuncturist places tiny, sterile needles at strategic acupoints around the patient’s body. Placement depends on the symptoms that are being targeted. The procedure often takes just a few minutes and is designed to enhance the flow of energy, or “chi,” throughout the body, which in turn is thought to boost the immune system. The process is virtually painless, especially when performed by a trained practitioner, and comes with few side effects.

Available throughout a patient’s stay at all five CTCA cancer centers in the United States, acupuncture may offer relief at any stage in the treatment journey, for a number of symptoms. Some patients suffering with insomnia or stress exacerbated by their diagnosis or treatment may find relief through licensed acupuncturists who are specially trained to work with cancer patients. Our acupuncturists may help other patients ease stomach upset, nausea or vomiting, side effects that can result from surgery or chemotherapy treatments. Acupuncture may also assist in relieving physical pain.

Our acupuncturists work closely with other integrative oncology clinicians to gain an understanding of a patient’s overall treatment plan, and to help the team achieve positive outcomes whenever possible.