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Meet clinician blogger Dr. Laurence Altshuler

Laurence Altshuler, MD,
laurence altshuler

I wanted to be a doctor since I was a small child and never strayed from that goal. I was pre-med at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where I graduated magna cum laude with a double major in chemistry and psychology. I then went to medical school at the University of Oklahoma in my home state. I became an Internal Medicine specialist because I wanted to learn about and treat a broad spectrum of disease.

Even in college, I was interested in complementary medicine. During my career, I learned and practiced complementary methods long before they were popular. I am certified in acupuncture, hypnosis and other mind-body methods, Qi Gong/Tai Chi, botanicals and Chinese herbology. For 20 years, I practiced complementary medicine at my own clinic, the Balanced Healing Medical Center.

I’ve wanted to treat cancer patients ever since my grandfather died of liver cancer. I am also a cancer survivor myself. When I had the opportunity to join Cancer Treatment Centers of America, I was eager to bring my skills, training and expertise to help cancer patients.

Although cancer is my primary focus, I treat other conditions cancer patients may have, using both conventional and complementary methods. I have published articles in numerous scientific journals, as well as magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest and Radius. In addition, I have published four books, three of which focus on using the balanced healing approach to treat numerous conditions.

Throughout my more than 30 years of medical practice, I always have believed in exploring all options to treat disease and in empowering patients to make the best decisions about their health and health care. My blog posts will cover cancer and other conditions, specifically looking at options that may be unknown to many. I will also touch on socio-economic and political issues that affect patient care to help you navigate our often dysfunctional and expensive health care system, including changes that will occur with the Affordable Care Act.

Your feedback is important to me. I will make every effort to answer questions and help guide you to better health.