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When facing a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, a strong support system is important.

In the summer issue of Cancer Fighters ThriveTM, Dale Lauer, acute myeloid leukemia patient, discusses how support can come in many forms and often from unlikely places.

Dale’s community rallied around him to help with anything they could, including household tasks, fundraisers, dog sitting and more. By doing this, Dale was able to focus on his cancer treatment knowing that everyday tasks were taken care of.

The community approach to treating cancer also carried into his treatment. Tracy McDonald, RN, BSN Care Manager at our hospital near Chicago, explains how Dale’s team worked together to support him on many levels. During his cancer treatment, he received nutritional, psychological and physical support, so he could maintain his quality of life. “It’s best when you have the team approach on both ends – the support staff at the hospital and the personal support system of family and friends.”

Dale’s wife Cheryl encourages people dealing with cancer to accept the help that is offered.” If someone offers to help, take them up on it. It changes your life. It really does.”

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