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Cancer Fighter® gives back to those battling cancer


For pancreatic cancer survivor Cissy Hass, giving back to those currently battling cancer is about sharing her blessings. As a member of the Cancer Fighters® program at our hospital near Atlanta, Hass shares her cancer journey with potential patients to provide hope and camaraderie.

“Being a Cancer Fighter means I can help others have hope, I can share my story and my experiences. I feel like it’s good to talk with someone who has been through what you’re going through,” says Hass.

The Cancer Fighters program connects patients with survivors, so they can talk to someone who has been in their shoes. The program also provides access to the latest cancer news and resources, tips and timely information for those living with cancer.

In addition to speaking with people over the phone, Hass also volunteers at the hospital by going on tours to provide a patient perspective and by reaching out to people in her community through the cancer ministry at her church. According to Hass, a positive attitude can make all the difference to someone who is battling cancer.

“Attitudes are contagious. When you surround yourself with people with good attitudes, it just spreads. That’s something I remember most when I first walked into CTCA. There was no giving up on me,” says Hass. “That’s what patients need, to be surrounded by good attitudes and hope.”

And connecting doesn’t always begin and end with a phone call. According to Hass, some people she has met through the Cancer Fighters network have become genuine friends.  “I feel like God has blessed me and helping others is a way I can share my blessing,” says Hass. “Sometimes, you forget how blessed you are to be here. Everybody feels like that. Giving back reminds me.”

For people just beginning their journey with cancer, reaching out to someone who has been there can be comforting. “Often people I connect with are anxious to hear something hopeful. They may have worries about travel, finances or side effects. Everyone has their own concerns and fears, and I try my best to share my story and provide hope to them,” says Hass.

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