Ginger Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken

4 Servings

Total time: 30 Minutes


    • 4 boneless chicken breast halves
    • whole-grain flour, to coat chicken
    • 3 tb. olive oil
    • 4 tsp. peeled, chopped fresh ginger
    • 2 tb. brown sugar or honey
    • 1 cup orange juice
    • 2 tsp. grated orange peel
    • ¾ cup thinly sliced green onions


    1. Pound chicken to an even thickness.
    2. Lightly season chicken with salt and pepper, lightly coat with flour on both sides.
    3. Warm olive oil in a large skilled on medium heat.
    4. Add chicken and sauté about 3 minutes, each side until brown. Transfer chicken to plate.
    5. Add ginger to skillet, sauté for 1 minute.
    6. Add brown sugar or honey and blend. Add orange juice and peel. Simmer to reduce sauce, stirring intermittently, about 4-5 minutes.
    7. Return chicken to skillet and sauté an additional 3 minutes.
    8. Turn chicken over and add green onions, simmer 3 minutes longer.
    9. Check for doneness with a meat thermometer, when the thickest part of the chicken registers 165° F.