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Cancer Q&A: Questions from the community answered by our experts

A number of times a year, we host Q&A’s online to help you learn more about cancer and treatment options. In a series of videos, our doctors and other clinical experts answer common questions about types of cancer and other cancer-related topics.
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Our series

View Q&A on nutrition

Dr. Pankaj Vashi, National Clinical Director of Gastroenterology/Nutrition and Metabolic Support, and Carolyn Lammersfeld, Vice President of Integrative Medicine, answer questions about cancer and nutrition. Explore nutrition therapy.

View Q&A on brain and spinal cancer

Neurosurgeon Dr. Clinton Baird answers questions about brain and spinal cancer. Explore our Brain Cancer Program or Spinal Cancer Program.

View Q&A on lung cancer

Dr. Daniel Nader, National Clinical Director, Pulmonary/Critical Care and interventional pulmonologist, answers questions about lung cancer and advanced treatments for the disease. Explore our Lung Cancer Program.

View Q&A on prostate cancer

Urologist Dr. Larry Bans and radiation oncologist Dr. Lanceford Chong answer questions about prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatments. Explore our Prostate Cancer Program.

Talk Cancer - Precision Medicine

Dr. Maurie Markman, President of Medicine and Science, answers questions about precision medicine in an audio and video series hosted by the CBS Radio show, "Talk Cancer." Explore genomic tumor assessment and precision medicine.

Talk Cancer - Breast Cancer

Medical oncologist Dr. Dennis Citrin answers questions about breast cancer in an audio and video series hosted by the CBS Radio show, "Talk Cancer." Explore our Breast Cancer Program.

Top 10 community questions

  1. What age should a woman begin having mammograms?
  2. Can nutrition improve a cancer patient’s quality of life?
  3. What are the symptoms of lung cancer?
  4. Am I more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer if I have a family history of the disease?
  5. What is precision cancer treatment and how does it relate to genomic tumor testing?
  6. How do brain tumors form?
  7. What are some basic nutrition recommendations to help people fighting cancer gain weight and build up their immune system?