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How to get more veggies

Vegetables are an important part of every diet. Here are some easy ways to get more veggies.

  • Have a salad – taco salad, chef salad, whatever-you-like salad.
  • Use dark green lettuce such as romaine rather than iceberg
  • Have a stir-fry. Use lots of vegetables and a little meat.
  • Keep a bowl of veggies, like celery, carrots, radishes and broccoli cut up and ready for snacking. Serve with dip as a healthy snack or appetizer.
  • Save leftover vegetables during the week, put them in the freezer, and have a wonderful veggie soup on Friday.
  • Put lettuce and tomato on your sandwich.
  • Have carrot and celery sticks with a sandwich instead of potato chips.
  • Mix finely grated raw carrots with peanut butter and use as a spread for crackers, apples or bananas.
  • Add vegetables to cream cheese or ricotta cheese and blend until thoroughly whipped. Use as a spread for bagels or crackers.
  • Mix raw egg with cut up vegetables and grated cheese. Cook as you would scrambled eggs.

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