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Healthy snacking

Between meal snacking may be necessary if you are losing weight, a diabetic or on medication that increases your appetite. Although the easiest choices for a snack may be concentrated fruits and juices because they satisfy quickly; they have a tendency to contribute to lowered blood sugar later on. This can leave you feeling light headed and fatigued. Instead, choose a combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins to ensure staying power. Here are 19 great (and easy!) snack suggestions. Take your pick and then try them all! Who said snacking had to be boring?

  1. Low fat bran muffin with fruited low fat yogurt
  2. Fresh berries with soy milk
  3. Bananas and pistachios 
  4. Goat cheese with endive and tomato
  5. Apple wedges and raw almonds
  6. Wheat tortilla with mashed pinto beans
  7. Buckwheat mini pancakes with plain low fat yogurt
  8. Rye wafers with sesame butter
  9. Dried mixed fruit with sunflower seeds
  10. Wheat tortilla and tofu cheese
  11. Fresh veggies with low-fat yogurt dip
  12. Rice cakes and peanut butter 
  13. Graham squares and carob flavored soy milk
  14. Low fat granola w/walnuts and dried pineapple chunks
  15. Grapefruit sections and a hard boiled egg
  16. Low sodium V-8 juice along with a wheat bagel w/low fat cheese
  17. Apple rings and peanut butter
  18. Harvest grain & nut bread with a fresh fruit cup
  19. String cheese and seven grain bread

by Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD, LD

Excerpt from: Challenge Cancer and Win!