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4/2/2020 12:00 AM

COVID-19, the flu, a cold or allergies: What’s the difference in symptoms?

COVID-19, influenza, colds and allergies all affect the respiratory system, but in different ways.

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4/1/2020 12:00 AM

Telehealth visits during COVID-19: Five things you need to know

Cancer patients with upcoming scheduled appointments may be able to use telehealth services to avoid a trip to a hospital or doctor’s office and help prevent exposure to COVID-19.

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Dr. Julian Schink

3/31/2020 12:00 AM

Wearing a homemade mask: Does it protect you or others?

CTCA Chief Medical Officer Julian Schink, MD, explains why wearing a homemade mask to lower your risk of COVID-19 infection may have some benefits.

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Homemade mask

3/30/2020 12:00 AM

Volunteers stepping up during equipment shortage with hand-sewn masks for hospital workers

Recognizing the shortage of protective gear vital to keeping hospital workers safe, Americans have stepped up with offers to make and donate masks.

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Spiritual support

3/26/2020 12:00 AM

Cancer patients of faith may find spiritual support comforting during these difficult days

During challenging times, cancer patients of faith may turn to their spirituality to help calm their fears.

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doctor crosses his arms while looking at lung x ray diagrams

3/25/2020 12:00 AM

Some lung cancer patients have a higher risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms

Some lung cancer patients face additional challenges as the novel coronavirus continues to spread.

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novel coronavirus (covid 19) and dna

3/24/2020 12:00 AM

How does cancer make you more vulnerable to viruses like COVID-19?

Cancer has ways to counterattack and neutralize patients’ immune system. When that happens, a tumor may begin to grow and spread, and patients may become more vulnerable to illness.

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doctor looking at x ray diagram while discussing on the phone

3/23/2020 12:00 AM

Key factors must be considered when weighing whether to delay cancer treatment

To help determine whether you may be able to postpone treatment, doctors consider many factors.

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hands typing on a laptop

3/20/2020 12:00 AM

Where to go for COVID-19 information and resources

Cancer patients may be especially vulnerable to COVID19, so they should stay up to date on evolving news and information.

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