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Kimalea Conrad

"Cancer does not define me. It is only an incident in my life. But it was an incident that required swift, sure and powerful treatment."

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Breast cancer survivor

Cassandra Foy

"For me, the hardest part about being diagnosed with cancer was the time before I found Cancer Treatment Centers of America."

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Pancreatic cancer survivor

Wayne Reeder

"None of the clinicians (at CTCA) ever said, this is what I’m doing and when I’m going to do it. Instead, they would say, this is what I’d like to do for you. What do you think?"

Wayne Reeder »

Leukemia survivor

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lung cancer infographic

View our infographics for detailed, at-a-glance explorations into breast, lung, colorectal and other cancer types, as well as innovative treatment options and other cancer-related topics.