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TomoTherapy® for breast cancer

Advantages of TomoTherapy for breast cancer

Some advantages of TomoTherapy for breast cancer include:

  • TomoTherapy combines state-of-the-art intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with an on-board CT scanner that allows for advanced and precise targeting of the radiation beams.
  • By contouring the radiation beams to the tumor’s exact shape and position before each breast cancer treatment begins, the TomoTherapy system can minimize damage to healthy surrounding breast tissue.
  • While traditional breast cancer radiation therapies project radiation onto a tumor from only a few directions, TomoTherapy delivers precise doses of radiation to breast tumors from a full 360-degrees.

If you have advanced stage or recurrent cancer and are no longer able to receive traditional radiation, TomoTherapy may be a breast cancer treatment option for you.

In addition, for breast cancer patients who were told elsewhere that they had reached their maximum tolerated dose of traditional radiation, we can offer TomoTherapy to re-treat previously radiated areas with high doses of radiation and with pinpoint accuracy.