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Targeted therapy for breast cancer


Targeted therapy for breast cancer

In addition to chemotherapy drugs, we may recommend biological response modifiers, such as Trastuzumab (Herceptin®), to treat breast tumors that produce too much of, or overexpress, a protein called HER2. If laboratory testing reveals the HER2 gene in the cancer cells, the medications can help shut down the HER2 gene, thus cutting the cancer cells off from their energy supply.

Your care team will likely combine breast cancer targeted drug therapy with other treatments, such as chemotherapy, to help control cancer that has spread or to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

Helping you maintain your quality of life

Throughout your targeted drug therapy, your care team will also provide various supportive care services, such as nutrition therapy, naturopathic medicine, mind-body medicine and oncology rehabilitation to help keep you strong, reduce side effects and improve your quality of your life.