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EBRT for breast cancer

Advantages of EBRT for breast cancer

External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) is the most common type of radiation therapy for breast cancer. EBRT is usually given about one month after surgery, to give surgical wounds time to heal. It may also be used in combination with chemotherapy and may be delayed until chemotherapy is complete.

In EBRT, a beam of radiation, similar to but stronger than an X-ray, is focused on the spot where the cancer was removed. If a lumpectomy was performed, a patient may receive EBRT to the entire breast, a technique called whole-breast radiation. EBRT may also be delivered to nearby lymph nodes.    

EBRT may have some advantages for breast cancer patients, including:

  • It's a fast, painless outpatient procedure.
  • Unlike chemotherapy, which circulates throughout the body, EBRT is targeted to the treatment area.
  • There is no risk of radioactivity to you or your friends and family.