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IMRT for brain cancer

IMRT for brain cancer

Because of its accuracy, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) may help to reduce damage to healthy brain tissue and minimize side effects. As a result, IMRT is particularly useful when treating tumors that are close to critical structures in the brain, such as the brain stem or the nerves of the eyes.

Compared to standard radiotherapy, IMRT may allow a radiation oncologist to use higher doses of radiation from any angle, and shape radiation beams to match the contour of the brain tumor. At the same time, IMRT is designed to help spare healthy brain tissues and reduce side effects.

Helping you maintain your quality of life

Your care team anticipates and proactively manages the potential side effects of radiation therapy for brain cancer. Before, during and after your brain cancer treatment, you’ll have access to supportive care services designed to keep you strong and nutritionally fortified, reduce the side effects of radiation, and promote your overall well-being.