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Surgery for appendix cancer

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Surgery for appendix cancer

Surgery is the most common treatment for appendix cancer. The type of surgery recommended for you depends on your type of appendix cancer. Examples of surgery used to treat appendix cancer include:

  • Hemicolectomy : The surgical removal of a portion of the colon located near the appendix, along with nearby lymph nodes and blood vessels
  • Cytroreductive surgery (also known as “debulking” surgery): May be recommended to treat late-state appendix cancer by removing as much of the tumor “bulk” as possible, and may be followed by chemotherapy to destroy residual cancer cells
  • Peritonectomy: The removal of the peritoneum (the lining of the abdomen) to treat slow-growing, low-grade appendix cancer that has spread beyond the colon to other areas of the abdomen

Many patients receive chemotherapy during or following surgery for appendix cancer. This adjuvant therapy helps to eliminate cancer cells that remain after surgery.