Cancer Treatment Centers of America
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Have questions? Call (800) 615-3055 to speak to a cancer information specialist.

We make getting here easy

From the moment you contact us, we do all we can to ensure your treatment is as convenient and stress-free as possible. Our experienced team takes care of every detail of your visit, from gathering your medical records to scheduling your appointments to booking your travel and lodging.

Once here, our staff is available to continue assisting with your travel coordination and other needs throughout your treatment.

Prior to your visit, we will:

  • Verify your insurance benefits
  • Schedule your initial appointment
  • Handle your travel and lodging arrangements
  • Make every effort to obtain your medical records

We will:

  • Schedule your air or train travel
  • Cover the cost of your flight or train ride*
  • Strive to make your travel as smooth and comfortable as possible
  • For patients who travel from beyond a 25-mile radius, we will reimburse the MapQuest mileage at a rate of $.25/mile, with no caps.
* Travel benefits do not apply to beneficiaries of government payor programs such as Medicare.

We will:

  • Greet you when you arrive
  • Retrieve and carry your luggage
  • Drive you to our hospital
  • Shuttle you back and forth from our hospital and lodging sites
  • Offer transportation to various local stores and other sites (at select locations)
  • Drive you back to the airport/station for your trip home

We provide you with:

  • A dedicated team of cancer experts
  • Integrated treatment personalized to you
  • Delicious, healthy and affordable meals
  • Onsite or nearby lodging for a discounted rate
  • Many amenities and services


Each of our hospitals houses a modern, self-service style dining room where we offer delicious and nutritious meals at affordable prices.

Healthy food choices

An executive chef manages each hospital’s culinary team and coordinates with our registered dietitians to provide a wide variety of fresh, whole food choices.

Typical menu selections include: local free-range chicken, fish and organic beef, whole grains, vegetables, seasonal fruits, homemade soups, and a salad bar. We also offer sugar-free and/or low-fat selections, and a variety of protein powders, shakes and smoothies.

Throughout your stay, the culinary team will do everything possible to accommodate your special requests and changing food preferences. Special offerings include:

  • Unique cuisine stations
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Grocery shopping tours
  • Recipe cards featuring healthy dietary options