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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), patient education nurses are available to assist patients and caregivers throughout treatment.

We believe the more informed you are about your options, the better equipped you will be to choose what is best for you. Our patient education nurses will meet with you and your caregivers to help you understand the specific cancer treatments your oncologist has recommended.

They'll also meet with you prior to your treatment, so you can ask questions and know what to expect during the treatment process. They'll take time to address your concerns and offer suggestions for what you can do to proactively manage potential side effects of treatment.

Individual support

In addition to receiving information about chemotherapy and other treatments, you can also learn about dealing with diabetes and cancer, port placement and management, and more.

For example, a patient education nurse can meet with you prior to a PEG (feeding tube) placement so you know what to expect, and then again following the procedure to demonstrate further instructions and care.

Patient education nurses also meet with diabetic patients to provide instructions for daily blood glucose checks and self-administration of insulin.

Patients are also encouraged to call and ask questions when they have returned home after treatment.

The patient education team at Western

Sandra Davidson leads the educational division at CTCA at Western Regional Medical Center (Western). Before joining Western as the Organizational Development and Clinical Education Specialist, Davidson served as an oncology nurse, nurse educator, and clinical nurse specialist in gerontology. Aside from the knowledge Davidson brings from years of experience in the healthcare field, she is also nearing the completion of her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies.

“I joined CTCA because I am passionate about providing the best possible care to patients and their families. To be in an organization where that is the entire focus is empowering and just amazing,” says Davidson.

You can reach out to our educational specialists at any time during your stay at Western. After you go back home, our team is happy to continue serving you via phone or email conversations.

Outside of regularly scheduled appointments, your care manager steps in to fill the gaps. Should you have questions or concerns, you can call or email your care manager, who will then contact the appropriate doctor or clinician and will gather information for you so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle.

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