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ERBE® 2 Needle-less Water-Jet

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Dr. Pierre Greeff: We have a device in which we are now able to divide liver tissue. A patient comes in; they have a large cancer of the liver. What do we do? If we can remove it, we should remove it. One of the problems about and with liver surgery is loss of blood. I believe in preserving as much blood as possible, I believe in surgery that loses as little blood as is humanly possible, and all this I think makes a difference because transfusion for patients doesn’t always necessarily help them at the time, but we want them to build up their own blood so if we do surgical techniques which minimizes loss of blood that’s enormously beneficial to the patient.

One such piece of equipment is called the ERBE water-jet and what it is, it allows us to actually cut through the liver tissue by using a jet of water. It seems very elementary, but it is actually a wonderful way of actually doing the surgery in such a way that we can minimize the blood because it will cut through the liver tissue, but it will not cut through arteries or veins that run in the liver. So you can actually dissect the arteries and the veins in the liver itself and then be very meticulous about applying clamps, sutures to those arteries or veins to prevent excess of bleeding in when we do liver surgery.

The ERBE® 2 Needle-less Water-Jet provides a novel approach for liver cancer surgery. As Dr. Pierre Greeff explains, this technology allows surgeons to cut through liver tissues while minimizing blood loss.

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