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Meet Dr. David Wakefield

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Dr. David Wakefield: I’m David Wakefield. I’m one of the psychologists in the mind-body medicine department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America here in Tulsa. What we believe in here is an interdisciplinary, integrative team approach and so if we’re going to be an interdisciplinary team we have to combine all the teams in mind-body medicine is one of the complementary health care team approaches where we treat not just the tumor we treat the entire person, the entire individual body, mind, and spirit.

The thing I like most about working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the people I get to meet. Everyone who comes in my office, it’s a different individual, it’s a different story, they’re very unique, no two people are alike and there’s no way I would have the time, the energy, or the resources to go all over the country and meet the people the come here. I’m so fortunate because we have people who come from Maine, to Washington, from Florida, to Montana so the deep relationships, the friendships, and the number of people that I get to meet from all over the United States, I love that.

Listen to Dr. Wakefield describe the whole-person approach to cancer treatment at CTCA and why he loves working in mind-body medicine.

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