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Meet Chef Kenny Wagoner

Video: Chef Kenny

Meet Chef Kenny
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Kenny Wagoner: Our menu is very diversified; we have a lot of high quality food. I serve filet mignon, I serve lobster, I serve the best that I possibly can. We have buffalo prime rib on the menu, we have a really good selection of what I would consider not your typical hospital food. We go above and beyond to make sure that our patients get everything that they need. Our Mother Standard® of care is we treat every patient like we would our mother. Given that, if my mom called down and wanted something specific, I’m going to make sure that we have that product. We get unique requests all the time.

A patient’s mother called us, she was having a hard time getting her son to eat and the only thing he wanted to eat was a spaghetti calzone, I’d never heard of them. So, apparently she had called every pizza Italian restaurant in town, she called Larry our scheduler and he called me and I said, “Yeah, we can make something, we can make a calzone with spaghetti in it.” So, the mother was very happy, the patient ate it all. It was a good, it was a good process there.

Listen to Chef Kenny Wagoner discuss why the Culinary Services Department at Southwestern offers more than "just typical hospital food."

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