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Tracy Davidson: It is an awful diagnosis for anyone to deal with but now there is something else that can be done to ease the pain and suffering of those coping with cancer. It’s a kinder, gentler approach – wait to see some of the unique techniques. That’s coming up.


On the HEALTHWATCH today a cancer diagnosis is a terrible blow for anyone and now doctors right here in our area, making it their mission to ease people’s suffering with a different kind of approach. NBC10 News Medical Reporter Cherie Bank joins us with more on this story. This is very interesting.

Cherie Bank: It is Tracey, you know when somebody gets cancer it is a terrible thing, and it’s not just their body that’s affected, it’s their mind as well. Sometimes that gets neglected during ordinary hospital treatment. We went to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America here in Philadelphia to see how they embrace a person’s entire being.


The laying on of hands, the anointing with oil, the prayers, the herbs, the kindler, gentler chemotherapy. That’s what draws people like Audrey Black to the Cancer Treatment Center of America. She has stage-4 breast cancer.

Audrey Black: I am feeling much better than when I was initially diagnosed so I think we are doing well; we are on the right path; we are doing the right thing.

Cherie Bank: Audrey’s breast cancer wasn’t diagnosed until it spread towards organs and bones. She and her family did research to find this hospital which offers traditional and alternative medicine along with the treatment of body and mind.

Reporter: If you nurture people psychologically and spiritually, do you feel that it will help them get better medically?

Dr. Frederick Brunk: I do believe that. I think what happens internally in the mind and spirit very much affects the physical.

Cherie Bank: During Reiki Audrey gets a sense of well being. Many believe this energy can lead to healing.

Audrey Black: I just envision this beautiful soothing, healing energy coming through my body as I call it in and out my hands to you.

Cherie Bank: Audrey’s chemotherapy is fractionated. The total amount is broken up into smaller doses and administered over more days. It can cut down on side effects and some doctors believe it can destroy more cancer cells.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America say 40% of people with cancer actually die not of their cancer but of malnutrition. So here nutritional support is always offered. Audrey is prescribed green tea extract, natural vitamins and CoQ10 with every meal. She enjoys pastoral visits and all the extras here that provide her with a peace and hope to heal.

Cherie Bank: And we met several people at the Cancer Treatment Center who had late stage disease, some said their own doctors or hospitals had given up on them but here they found people willing to help put quality into their life and extend their lives as long as they can. Tracey.

Tracy Davidson: We are talking that during the piece that they give hope to people who otherwise have been told ‘no, there’s something that can be done’ – right there they give them hope.

Cherie Bank: Often times that is true and you know what, when you have a better outlook on life, just like when you laugh, you do better.

Tracy Davidson: Right, all right Cherie, thanks.

This video showcases Cancer Treatment Centers of American (CTCA) at Eastern Regional Medical Center. You will get an inside look at how CTCA is different than other cancer treatment facilities. In particular, the video describes therapies that CTCA clinicians use to augment conventional cancer therapies. You will get a glimpse at why pastoral care, mind-body medicine, and nutritional support make a large difference in the lives of cancer patients. The video examines how clinicians at CTCA are treating the whole person, not just the cancer.

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