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Dr. Pierre Greeff: I was in Houston for many years, had a large cancer clinic with some of my, with my mentor and also with my, some other surgeons with whom I trained. And, I’ve known Cancer Treatment Centers for a long period of time cause they actually came down to Huston when I was heavily involved in using heat as treatment for cancer, using radio waves. They heard about what I was doing, they came down looked me over and they, I guess, at that time thought well, “I think that Dr. Greeff might be a nice fit for Cancer Treatment Centers.”

One of the major personal in Cancer Treatments told me when they recruited me said, “Dr. Greeff, we know what you’re able to do, we know that you love what you do, why don’t you come work with us do what you love to do and we’ll take care of all the rest.” That meant I didn’t have to run an office anymore. The other thing is as well is it allowed me to spend time with patients.

Patients come in from all over the country to see us over here. I have wonderful colleagues, we have wonderful radiation therapy, chemotherapy, we have wonderful radiology, we have wonderful sub-specialty centers, cardiology, pulmonology. Cancer Treatment Centers has provided a wonderful venue a wonderful environment for me to do what I love to do, and where we’re able to help patients with their serious problems.

Listen to Dr. Pierre Greef explain why he decided to join Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). As Dr. Greeff describes, CTCA allows him to spend time with each patient, developing treatment plans suited to individual needs.

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