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Meet Dr. Patricia Rich

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Dr. Patricia Rich: We are true believers in the teamwork. We work with all the medical oncologists, we work with radiation oncologists, nutritionists, naturopaths, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, you name it, I mean these are just a few. Constant communication is very important among all of us and that’s a perfect team approach.

Whole-person care at CTCA means you treat the patient’s body, you treat the patient’s mind, you treat the patient’s soul, that’s the approach of CTCA. We can not forget the patient as a whole, and treating the patient medically treating their, and treating their spirit and helping them and their needs is what our approach is.

In my own practice the way I approach it is a patient and I are in a partnership; it’s teamwork and the patient is educated and learns about his disease and about the treatment and what the treatment involves including side effects and it is very much involved, he or she is very much involved, in the decision making on their own treatments.

Listen to Dr. Rich describe the team approach and whole-person care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She explains, "The patient and I are in a partnership. It's teamwork."

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