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Meet Dr. Daniel Nader

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Dr Daniel Nader: I’m Dr. Daniel Nader; I’m a pulmonologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southwest Regional Medical Center in Tulsa. One of the best reasons to come to Cancer Treatment Centers of America with a diagnosis of lung cancer is that at this center, all under one roof, are all the specialties that are needed to care for that particular patient. We’re able to provide the medical oncology, radiation oncology, the diagnostic techniques the interventional procedures that may be required, the surgery, and the supportive care for that patient all under one roof.

We have a wonderful team of physicians and ancillary staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa. This includes our radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and support staff in radiation therapy, medical oncology, a great deal of nursing staff, nutrition, naturopathy, we meet on a regular basis to discuss our complex patients, to discuss what additional therapies might be of benefit that maybe we haven’t thought of on our own. By presenting these cases at a case conference it allows us to come up with the most comprehensive regimen that’s going to be best for that particular patient.

Listen to Dr. Nader explain how conventional and complementary medicine departments join together at CTCA to provide patients with whole-person cancer treatment.

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