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Stomach cancer: Ablative treatments

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Dr. Leon Yoder: Some of the advanced treatments that Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers for stomach cancer are in the area of ablative treatments. This means that we can use catheters through a scope by an EGD, whereby we can look at the stomach cancer. And if it's bleeding or obstructing, we can use ablation-type of treatments. And what is ablation? Ablation is a high-energy wave that we can place into a tumor, and with that high-energy wave, like a laser-type of treatment, we can actually dry up the tissue where it doesn't bleed or doesn't obstruct. Now you've heard of different types of treatments like this, which can be anywhere from YAG laser treatments to PDT, which is photodynamic therapy, argon plasma coagulation or radiofrequency ablation. We have all these available here at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They will assist in the treatment as an adjunct to your treatment for stomach cancer.

Doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America use ablative treatments to stop tumors from bleeding, kill small tumors and eliminate obstructions. Listen to Dr. Leon Yoder discuss how these treatments aid in the treatment of stomach cancer.

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