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Rectal cancer: Radiation therapy

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Dr. Oneita Taylor: Radiation is used very frequently in patients who have rectal cancer, especially local advanced rectal cancer. The radiation for rectal cancer may allow patients to be downstaged, such that at the time of surgery, they may not require an abdominoperineal resection accompanied by a colostomy, and may undergo a rectal-sparing technique, what's called a primary closure with a low anterior resection. We have newer forms of radiation that are used to treat rectal cancer. With the TomoTherapy® image-guided radiation, we're able to sculpt the radiation therapy beam around the rectum itself and spare excessive doses of radiation to normal tissues. The rectum sits very closely associated with the bladder and intestinal area. And with the TomoTherapy image-guided radiation, we're able to give a relatively high dose of radiation to the rectum and not injure normal tissues. And this is very important in patients who may undergo a resection after completion of the radiotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America utilizes some of the most advanced radiation therapy delivery systems available to treat rectal cancer. In this video, radiation oncologist Dr. Oneita Taylor talks about how TomoTherapy® is used to treat rectal cancer in our hospitals.

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