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Non-Hodgkin lymphoma: Naturopathic medicine

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Daniel Kellman: It's very important in the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that there is a multimodality approach. You don't want to use things that have the potential to be overstimulating on the immune system. We want to keep the immune system healthy, especially since some of the chemotherapy regimens used are very aggressive and can actually decrease immune cell counts. For example, the CHOP regimen with chemotherapy can affect the cell counts drastically and white blood cell counts. So there are times where we might use short-term immune building. And then looking at long-term prevention, naturopathic medicine can actually give an anti-lymphoma effect. We try to focus on the things that we do know can exert an anti-lymphoma effect. Even essential fatty acids like fish oil, for example, and high levels of EPA and DHA can exert an anti-lymphoma effect.

Listen to naturopathic clinician Daniel Kellman discuss how naturopathic clinicians at Cancer Treatment Centers of America aim to help non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients maintain strength and keep their immune systems healthy.

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