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Lung cancer: Radiation therapy

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Dr. Oneita Taylor: For the treatment of lung cancer, we utilize the TomoTherapy® image-guided radiation. We're also utilizing the Trilogy™ radiotherapy system. With the TomoTherapy image-guided radiation, we obtain a CT scan before each treatment to ensure that we're treating the lung cancer correctly and that nothing has changed in between treatments. With Trilogy, it also tracks the tumor in real-time motion so we're able to see the actual tumor as it progresses through the radiotherapy treatment course. With lung cancer, the lung tends to move with respiration and tracking the tumor during the radiation treatment course is very effective in ensuring that we're treating the lung nodule or cancer correctly and avoiding radiation to excessive amounts of normal tissues.

Also, in treatment for a central lung lesion, we do utilize the high-dose rate brachytherapy treatment. That is a form of interstitial radiation in which a radioactive source is placed directly on the cancer. It allows a very high dose of radiation right to the cancer. It avoids excessive radiation to the normal tissue. Oftentimes, the high-dose rate brachytherapy is used in conjunction with a series of TomoTherapy or Trilogy-type daily treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America utilizes some of the most advanced radiation therapy tools available to treat lung cancer. In this video, radiation oncologist Dr. Oneita Taylor talks about some of the leading-edge radiation treatments for lung cancer offered in our hospitals.

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