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Breast cancer: Naturopathic medicine

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Daniel Kellman: In the treatment of breast cancer, naturopathic medicine can play a vital role. We can help with decreasing side effects of, for example, Adriamycin® chemotherapy, which can have some cardio-toxic side effects and utilizing nutrients that can help protect the heart muscle, also maintaining energy levels throughout that treatment as well as maintaining cell counts. And also with breast cancer treatment, oftentimes patients are put tamoxifen or remidex or long-term hormonal blocking therapy, which can lead to a lot of side effects, such as joint pain, hot flashes and various things that look like menopause. And those are areas in which we can help decrease side effects. One area that we are really looking at is with acupuncture. Acupuncture has been compared to Effexor®, which is kind of the standard drug treatment for hot flashes.

Listen to naturopathic clinician Daniel Kellman discuss how naturopathic medicine can be an important part of a breast cancer patient's treatment. Naturopathic medicine can help reduce side effects associated with chemotherapy and other conventional treatments, for example.

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