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Roger Stump: Pancreatic cancer survivor

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Roger Stump: My name is Roger Stump and I am a Cancer survivor. I’ll never forgot, the doctor turned around and looked at me, and he goes, you’ve got 6 months, maybe a year to live, he said nothing will stop this. He said I’ve seen a thousand patients with your same stage 4 advance cancer, their all dead. He said in anyone on to add, I’ve haven’t even heard of anybody living of this. I did not want a doctor to treat me that didn’t think I could live. I’ll never forget I entered the door of the house, and my daughter asked me for my insurance cards, and I, what do you need my insurance cards for? “I got a guy on the phone from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and he would like, he would like some information on you.” My daughter had just spoken to another sister-in-law of ours from Ohio that had been involved with a person that had gone there, and had gotten good results. So, I thought, what do I have to lose.

The hospital just breads an environment of hope. The attitude they exhibited, the curtsey, the treating me like I was human. Not like that doctor in Tampa. I’m so used to going, you know, go see this doctor, he says, well you gotta see this guy. You know, two weeks later, it’s like you’re in slow mode all the time, not at Cancer Treatment Centers, everything happened promptly. It’s just completely, just a completely healing environment. The oncologist said, Roger your in charge here. We do what you want to do, you’re the boss. When I finally got the PET scan they confirmed that there is no active cancer in me. You could just see the joy on Dr. Granick’s face. I mean he was just as happy as I was.

No man can tell you how long you have to live, only God can do that. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is such a different place, because they give you hope. They will do what you want. They, it’s just a different, everything under one roof, it’s amazing.

The day he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Roger's doctor told him he had a year, at most, to live. Instead of growing discouraged, Roger's determination to beat the cancer only grew and he began searching for cancer treatment hospitals. His daughter then found Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA).

Roger says, "The hospital just breeds an environment of hope. My oncologist said, 'Roger, you're in charge here. We do what you want to do. You're the boss.'

CTCA is such a different place because they give you hope. They will do what you want and everything is under one roof. It's amazing."

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