Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Peggy Kessler: Pancreatic cancer survivor

In July 2001, Peggy Kessler was told she had stage IV pancreatic cancer and to go home and get her affairs in order. In this video, Peggy talks about how she found hope and healing at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA):

"After three days of testing, I looked at my doctor and said "How long do I have?" And he looked at me and said "Peggy, we did a lot of tests on you and I never saw one thing stamped on the bottom of your foot that said you were going to die in two months. You have no expiration date. That is in hands way above mine."

It's really unbelievable how one doctor can tell me I have two months to live, and then I got to CTCA and they offered hope. They offered to fight. If I was willing to fight, they were going to fight for my life also..."

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