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Video: CTCA Cancer Hospitals - Integrated, Patient-Focused Care

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Welcoming. Treating. Caring for patients. And their caregivers. Cancer Treatment Centers of America. With hospitals in suburban Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, suburban Phoenix, and metro Atlanta. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is different, in so many ways. It starts with our innovative and integrated approach to treating people with advanced stage and complex cancer.

Edgar D. Staren: Our integrative approach which combines state of the art traditional therapy with scientifically based complementary therapy is so clearly the preferred model. That team approach with the high quality professionals that we’re fortunate to have is the way that the patient should be treated. The psychosocial needs, the nutritional support, spiritual support, the whole treatment of the whole patient. The mind, body, and spirit.

Jimmy Goodwin: Their pledge. It’s the pledge about, we care about the patient and only the patient. And that’s what they do. All they are concerned about is what can we do for the patient.

Steven Standiford: There’s a spirit in the place. Everybody’s working toward the same thing which is you’ve got a patient who is right at the center of everything. I can walk down the hall and talk to her medical oncologist or talk to her radiation oncologist or her nutritionist or her naturopath and we come up with a plan that’s right for Dawn. This is how it’s supposed to be.

Dawn Jones: This is how you’re supposed to be treated.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is different because we go beyond state of the art medicine and technology to serve our patients and their caregivers with a level of kindness and compassion that cannot be found anywhere else.

Edgar D. Staren: We provide what we refer to as the mother standard. How would you want your mother to be cared for? You wouldn’t want impersonal care for your mother. You wouldn’t want her to be addressed as a number. You wouldn’t want her to wait days or weeks for tests to be performed. If a person has cancer and it’s your mother, you want them taken care of yesterday and you want them taken care of by individuals that recognize that it’s your mother. That’s what we do here.

Chris Parrish: I knew it was meant to be as soon as I walked through the doors. I needed something to believe in. The place renewed my faith. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, you’ll find a very special team of skilled and dedicated cancer experts who will put you and your caregiver at the center of everything they do.

Patricia Thompson: Taking care of not only the patient but taking care of the caregivers that come with a patient or even are at home and they need a phone call is very important for us because it’s very important to our patients too. Empathy is very important. Hope is essential. There’s not one physician or one staff member that will not tell you that or will not feel that.

Chris Parrish: You feel that security in knowing that they aren’t going to give up on you which is kind of a nice feeling.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America truly is care that never quits.

Watch a video about Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). You'll learn what makes CTCA® cancer hospitals different, including a truly integrated, patient-focused approach to cancer treatment.

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