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One appointment, one room

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Aminah Keats: Patients don’t have to got through the hassle of waiting to see each provider. Their stationed in one room and we’re seeing them pretty much back-to-back in a very timely manner.

Kathy Small: The patient empowerment care model with the new changes, the physical changes patients have provided us positive feedback because the rooms are a lot bigger, their more comfortable, their not having to sit in a waiting room. Once they get here their put to in a room and then you know all the practitioners and the clinicians come to them instead of them moving back and fourth throughout the clinic and waiting, you know after they see one discipline they sit in the waiting room full of people and the come back this way. We come to them, and so they find that much better. It’s much more, it’s much quieter, they feel more comfortable, their able to relax and actually feel, feel at home.

Maria Watson: You’re in one room everyone comes to see you, and then basically when your appointment is finished you can go home and rest or do whatever you want to do. And part of the frustrating good portion of the frustration I think when you’re ill comes from having to run around when you don’t feel well, and they seem to have nipped that one in the bud because I get things done quickly, go get my prescriptions, go to get my MRI, whatever I need to do and I’m in and out very quickly so it’s wonderful.

As a patient, you don't have to worry about finding your next appointment. Our clinicians come to you, so you can focus on your treatment with less stress.

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