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Rudolph Willis: Quality of time you know is affected literally by how that clinician interacts with that patient, but I think the quality of time is also a perception by the patient, and I think when all the clinicians have been involved in what the immediate goal is for that patient they go into that interaction with assurity of what they want to do and what their plans are and what they need the patient to participant in. We spend the amount of time we need and beyond, but we enhance that since the, you know well-being and that sense that the patients had a really quality visit.

Cheryl Butman: Patients know that they can ask questions, they know that their questions will be answered and with knowledge patients feel very empowered. If a patient understands their medical condition, if a patient understands the medicines their on, if they understand how to manage their symptoms, if they understand who to call when things happen, then they’ll take part in their care. They’ll become very compliant and they’ll feel very empowered because they feel that their in control.

Our goal is to give you a higher quality visit, where your questions are answered and you feel empowered about your cancer treatment. Patient Empowered Care helps our patients feel more in control.

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