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Maria Watson: You don’t waste a lot of time running from one office to another. You might not, you might have an appointment at ten in the morning and maybe you can’t get on somebody schedule until three later that afternoon. You don’t have that problem with this particular system. If I do have any questions I know that I can always call, and I’ll be taken care of right away.

Aminah Keats: Whenever it’s my turn to see a patient my office is very close by. I come and see the patient. Whereas before there was a lot of traveling throughout the hospital so in this setting we do save a lot of time, which allows for more time for patient care.

Cheryl Butman: Patients are very surprised at the level of care they receive here at Cancer Treatment Center. They know that when they come all of their questions are going to be answered, there all going to be addressed. Their more than surprised, their excited, their very happy.

Kelly Prall: The patient empowerment care model does affect the time spent with patient. More so than anything, the quality has significantly improved because we don’t have to ask them so many repeated questions or kind of piece together their plan of care as we might have had to do so before. Now, we know everything in the beginning from the morning meeting and we get to have that opportunity to pull all those puzzle pieces together and review them all with the patient.

The Patient Empowered Care clinic gives our patients more time with their treatment team and higher quality care.

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