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Daily Empowerment Team® meetings

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Anthony Perre: Part of the patient empowerment model is that we do meet on a daily basis. It’s all of us together including the medical oncologists, the radiation oncologists, the nutritionists, the naturopathic doctor, the care managers who also can help address some of the psycho-social aspects of a person’s care, and also the internal medicine or intake person. And so there we are together and what it fosters is a place where ideas can be brought fourth so that we know what the issues are up front and can address them appropriately.

Cheryl Butman: Every morning we have a team meeting. We’re able to talk about our patients and what their experiencing, anything that has happened from our previous visit with them. Our care managers give us an up to date report on any phone calls or any problems that have happened since we last saw them. So, everyone is on the same page as far as what’s going on with the patient. We’re all brought up to date on their symptoms, on what’s happening. So when we see the patient that day we’re able to talk to those problems.

Kelly Prall: I think the benefits of team meetings is the fact that nothing ever gets missed, nothing is going to fall through the cracks. Anything from psychological problems that the patient may be facing, traumatic events, or problems with their diet, side effects that they may be experiencing, all of this is addressed in one team meeting from all the different modalities of care and so it’s, it’s known before you even go to see the patient that the patient is experiencing all of these things. So, you don’t have to go in and ask the patient repeated questions over and over again.

Rudolph Willis: The early meetings somewhat force all of us to be on the same plane for that particular patient visit. We provide the opportunity for all the clinicians to partake on, in that discussion so those clinicians review their previous interactions with those patients. It allows the other clinicians really to understand what other aspect of that patient care needs to be addressed, be it nutrition or body-nutritionists or the naturopathic doctor. It helps the oncologists understand the overall picture of that patients care as well, and so communication becomes automatically as we all participate in that meeting everyone knows every aspect of that patients needs for that day.

Each morning, the Empowerment Team® meets to discuss each patient's care. As a result, everyone knows the patient's needs for that day and we don't have to ask the same questions.

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