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Dr. Willis: So Gina is coming back to see us as everyone knows, and I think I would just like to summarize some of the things that we’ve been doing with her so we can kind of see where we are in her overall care.

Kelly: We’ve been regularly following up with her from a nutritional standpoint and Amina actually Marissa had spoke to her about Abcapsation cream that was used to help with her back and I don’t know if she’s recently purchased that or not, but I believe it to be pretty effective for that purpose.

Minda: We do have to be careful with immune stimulation with lymphoma so we’re kind of backed away from that. She has CO-Q-10 on her list as well which is beneficial for immune support in helping to support energy levels after her treatment.

Nurse: Hi Gina! How are you?

Gina Watson: Hi!

Nurse: Good to see you.

Gina Watson: Here to see my favorite doctor, Dr. Willis.

Nurse: OK. Alright come right in.

Gina Watson: Ok.

Woman: Good morning. How are you? It’s good to see you.

Gina Watson: Good to see you too.

Woman: How are you feeling?

Gina Watson: Good.

Woman: Good. Come on in. Come on in and see your favorite doctor.

Gina Watson: Hi!

Nurse: Hi! How are you?

Gina Watson: Good how are you?

Nurse: You’re looking wonderful.

Gina Watson: Thank you.

Nurse: Just going to go over some information with you before Dr. Willis comes in to see you.

Nurse: Hey Dr. Willis. We have Maria Watson.

Dr. Willis: OK.

Nurse: Her labs are back and she’s all normal.

Gina Watson: Hi Dr. Willis!

Dr. Willis: Hi Gina how are you?

Gina Watson: Good how are you?

Dr. Willis: Well, how have you been doing since I last saw you?

Gina Watson: Good. I mean the pains better.

Dr. Willis: OK. Good, good.

Maria Watson: The steroid I think has taking effect hasn’t completely done what I need for it to do but it’s helped.

Dr. Willis: But, slowly getting a little bit better.

Maria Watson: Yeah.

Nurse: Minda, OK I have Maria Watson.

Minda: OK.

Nurse: She’s actually doing very well.

Minda: Oh good.

Nurse: Some of her issues are resolved. Her pain is much improved since she had that injection, that saline injection.

Minda: OK. OK.

Minda: Hey Kelly. So I just met with Maria and she’s doing really great. Her nausea’s well controlled with the sofran; her constipation is well controlled with the sinocod. And she’s doing the vitamin D, she’s not having any problems with any of her supplementation, and I actually haven’t made any changes to her list.

Kelly (long brown hair): Great, great.

Minda: OK. So she’s ready to see you.

Kelly: Great! Thank you.

Minda: Great.

Kelly: Hi! Hi Gina how are you doing?

Gina Watson: Good. How are you?

Kelly: Good to see you again.

Gina Watson: Good to see you too.

Kelly: Wanted to come and talk to you a little bit, and see what’s going on. I just spoke with Amina briefly about your case and you know we kind of have that nice interaction in between so I don’t have to ask you all these repeated questions all over again. But, I just wanted to follow up with you. I know that you haven’t seen a dietitian in a few weeks, so I wanted to see how things were going in the last few weeks as far as your nutritional status goes and how you’ve been eating.

Maria Watson: Doing well.

Kelly: Doing well.

Maria Watson: Yeah.

Kelly: Great!

Maria Watson: Yeah. I have a pretty good appetite.

Kelly: Good. Good appetite. I know that was something that we were struggling with for a while.

Maria Watson: Probably too good sometimes.

Kelly: Too good?

Kelly: Cath, Hey how are you doing? Just got done finishing up with Maria Watson.

Cathy: OK.

Kelly: She’s doing really well. She’s maintaining her weight, she has a great appetite.

Cathy: Ok. Great!

Kelly: She’s been taking her supplements as recommended so her nausea and her constipation is resolved.

Cathy: Awesome.

Kelly: So, she’s all ready to see you.

Cathy: Alright, great! Thank you. So, I’m going to give you my card so make sure you have our hotline number because we’re here.

Maria Watson: OK.

Cathy: Open twenty-four seven if you need anything.

Maria Watson: Sounds great!

Cathy: Did you need anything else?

Maria Watson: No. That’s good, thank you.

Cathy: Alright. Nice seeing you again.

Maria Watson: Good seeing you too.

Cathy: OK.

Watch as patient, Maria Watson, visits the Patient Empowered Care clinic. See how her team works together to treat her lymphoma, both before and during her appointment.

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