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A new kind of appointment

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Typically, when cancer patients receive treatment from a large medical institution or a community hospital, they have to move from building to building or floor to floor to get to each appointment. This takes a significant amount of time, and may cause patients to limit their time in each appointment to ensure they make it to the next one on time. If any providers are running behind schedule, patients may be late for or miss appointments later in the day. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Patient Empowered Care puts the patient in a single room and the care team comes to them. Patients are given the time and information they need as each team member meets with the patient in a single visit. The care team is always informed and up to speed because the team is communicating in real time throughout the appointment. By putting patients and their caregivers at the center of their personal Empowerment Team, they are able to participate in their treatment plans in a more meaningful and knowledgeable way.

Watch this video to discover how we put you, the patient, at the center of your cancer care. We help you save time and minimize stress by bringing your doctors to you.

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