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Meet Doug White, Oncology Information Specialist

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Doug White: Hi, my name is Doug. I am one of the Oncology Information Specialists here at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. What I do is speak with patients and family that call in everyday to learn more about options that they may have in our program.

A lot of people when they first call are at their lowest point. You know, they’ve got some frankly, devastating news, and a lot of emotions – there’s depressions, there’s anxiety, there’s what if. There’s ‘What do I do now?’

When Rob called, I remember him expressing how long it was taking to go through the testing process and get the results and get things rolling and it was a frustration for him.

One of the things that Rob was excited about was the fact that we could see him very quickly. When people come out and they are here three or four days and we are starting treatment by day four or five, that means a lot to people.

Rob would come into my office and tell me what a great experience he has had here and how well he is doing and others he has met, and it just warms your heart. It makes it easy to go to the next phone call and there’s a lot of hard stories out there but when you have something at this end to offer people hope, you know, it’s powerful and it just is overwhelming happiness.

Cancer is a very devastating word. It’s an illness that most people associate with death and I think that just the word is very frightening to hear. One of our patients, long time patient, once said that none of us have an expiration date stamped on our foot or our forehead.

I love talking to patients and telling them that there is hope. There’s more that can be done.

As an Oncology Information Specialist, Doug White answers the questions of cancer patients and their loved ones who first contact Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). He offers insight into the cancer treatment options available at CTCA.

In this video, Doug addresses how he is able to help simplify and quickly coordinate the process of becoming a patient at CTCA.

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