Cancer Treatment Centers of America



RapidArc® is an advanced technology we use in our Trilogy™ system to deliver intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with speed and precision.

RapidArc shortens treatment times to one-half to one-eighth that of conventional radiation therapy.

How it works

We use computer-generated images to plan and deliver the radiation dose. In a single 360-degree rotation, a linear accelerator revolves around the patient, delivering a sculpted, tightly-focused beam of radiation directly to a tumor in less than two minutes.

During treatment, the beam is continually shaped and modulated to conform to the shape of the tumor. Treatment can also be delivered from nearly any angle.

This results in better tumor targeting and less damage to surrounding healthy tissue. It also reduces the amount of time a patient spends in radiation treatment, which is usually administered five days a week for several weeks.