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Music therapy

Music therapy is the practice of using music to address your physical and emotional needs in a therapeutic environment. It can be used to alleviate emotional, physical and social stresses that cancer can cause, as well as to boost your mood and help you through cancer treatment and recovery.

Certified music therapists can provide you with an outlet to express feelings that may otherwise be difficult to talk about, and can help you become more engaged in the treatment process. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we have Mind-Body Therapists who assist patients with therapeutic expression through music.

Music therapy can include creating, singing, moving to or listening to music in order to:

  • Release negative emotion
  • Express feelings that would otherwise go unsaid
  • Reduce stress and relax the mind and body
  • Allow for a sense of normalcy during uncertain times
  • Help people live in the “here and now”

There are several ways to benefit from the positive effects of music, with the simplest being to listen to music you enjoy. Other ways to incorporate music into everyday life include:

  • Play an instrument
  • Sing a song
  • Participate in a group class where you can either listen to music or play along
  • Participate in a gong bath
  • Talk with a therapist about the feelings certain music evokes in you