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Innova IGS 540 Interventional Radiology Suite

The GE Innova IGS 540 Interventional Radiology (IR) Suite offers multimodality image-fusion capabilities and navigation, allowing our radiologists to visualize tumors in difficult-to-reach areas and perform real-time image-guided interventional procedures, including lung biopsies and liver ablations.

The state-of-the-art IR Suite offers the following capabilities:

Innova Vision

The Innova Vision provides an overlay of a 3D rotational CT or MRI image with a 2D fluoroscopic image, creating a fused road mapping display. This helps our radiologists advance catheters, guide wires, coils and devices more confidently by visualizing them on a 3D model in real time.

Innova Trackvision

The Innova Trackvision is a 3D CT image superimposed with a 2D fluoroscopic image that helps our radiologists perform easy, quick needle trajectory planning to guide complex interventional procedures. This helps us plan the skin entry point and needle path, and monitor advancement in real time for greater confidence.

Veran IG4 Navigational System

The Veran IG4 Navigation System is a needle navigation system that helps our radiologists guide certain complex procedures, including biopsies, ablations and fiducial placements.

The system uses electromagnetic localization to display an interventional instrument on a computer monitor. It then works like a GPS system to track the needle progress in 4D using real-time guidance.

Advantages of the IR Suite

  • Offers multi-modality image-fusion capabilities for more accurate treatment planning
  • Provides real-time guidance and road mapping through complex anatomies
  • Image-guided intervention allows for greater precision and control
  • Allows us to track respiratory motion
  • Minimizes the number of scans needed
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