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HeartMath® is a philosophy and a series of techniques which aim to reduce stress, optimize performance and promote mental and emotional balance. At the core of the philosophy is the idea that the heart holds the key to tapping into a greater intelligence and a state of coherence and harmony.

HeartMath stems from scientific research on how the heart communicates with the brain and body.

HeartMath teaches people to listen to and follow their hearts so they can make wiser decisions and better manage their minds and emotions. It helps people cope with stress and negative emotional and physiological effects they experience by discovering a sense of positive energy within. It helps them to alter their thinking to be more positive and promotes the heart and brain to operate synergistically.

HeartMath is a treatment option provided by our hospitals’ Mind-Body Medicine Departments.

The power of meditation

power of meditation

For people with cancer, meditation can help alleviate some of the anxiety they may be feeling about diagnosis and treatment.

10 tips for incorporating chiropractic care during cancer treatment

chiropractic care

How can you incorporate chiropractic care during cancer treatment? Read these tips to find out.

Integrative approach

integrative approach

Advanced treatments combined with integrative oncology services means we support your well-being while we treat cancer.