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Autofluorescence bronchoscopy / fluorescence bronchoscopy

We use autofluorescence bronchoscopy, also known as blue-light bronchoscopy, to find and diagnose tiny tumors in the lung early on.

During the procedure, we insert a bronchoscope (a thin, lighted tube connected to a camera) through the mouth or nose into the lungs to examine the airways. Under fluorescence, healthy tissues appear green and abnormal tissues appear reddish-brown. Once abnormal tissues are identified, we can remove a small sample of the tissue for further analysis.

This technology allows us to identify areas of abnormality in the bronchial tubes that may not be visible under white-light examination. It also helps us detect cancerous tumors in the earliest stages.

When a tumor is identified early (e.g., while it is still confined to the lung), other procedures may be possible, such as surgery, radiation, laser ablation, photodynamic therapy, and brachytherapy.