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Spinal cancer grading

Making an educated treatment decision begins with the grade of the disease. Our cancer doctors use a variety of diagnostic tests to evaluate spinal cancer. If you have been recently diagnosed, we will confirm you have received the correct diagnosis and grading information.

Once your care team knows the location, type, size and grade of the spinal tumor, we can plan your individualized treatment. If you have a recurrence, we will perform comprehensive testing and identify a treatment approach that is suited to your needs.

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Metastatic spinal tumors

Metastatic (or secondary) spinal tumors, which have spread to the spine from another location in the body, are much more common than primary spinal tumors. Some cancers that commonly spread to the spine are lung, breast, prostate and colon.

Rather than using the spinal cancer grading system, metastatic spinal cancers are generally assessed through the Tumor, Node, Metastasized (spread) staging system (TNM). Sometimes, individuals are diagnosed with metastatic brain or spinal cancer before they realize they have another primary cancer.

Meet our neurosurgery experts

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If you have a neurologic cancer, it's important to be seen by a multidisciplinary team of physicians with expertise in performing cancer-related surgical procedures on the nervous system and its supporting structures.

Meet some of our neurosurgery experts:

An accurate cancer diagnosis

accurate cancer diagnosis

Our team of cancer experts uses advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic technology to detect cancerous cells anywhere in the body.