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Spinal cancer diagnostics and treatment

At each of our hospitals, you'll find innovative spinal cancer treatments and technologies—all under one roof. Our spinal cancer experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including advanced imaging and laboratory tests, to evaluate spinal cancer. This diagnostic evaluation takes about three to five days.

Then together, we develop a comprehensive spinal cancer treatment plan that works for you. Your individualized plan will include advanced medical treatments and technologies, combined with integrative oncology services to help reduce side effects and keep you strong in body, mind and spirit.

cancer diagnostics and treatments

Advanced medical treatments

We target primary and metastatic spinal cord or column tumors with some of the most advanced treatments and technology available. Our spinal cancer program offers pioneering advances in radiation, surgery and chemotherapy, with a high quality of care. Your integrated team of spinal cancer experts will answer your questions and recommend treatment options based on your unique diagnosis and needs.

Our doctors have experience in delivering advanced treatments to remove tumors in the spinal column and restore neurological function. We understand how important mobility is to spinal cancer patients’ survival and quality of life. We react promptly to treat spinal cord compression and instability, alleviate pain, and preserve your ability to walk.

Additionally, we understand you’ll need extra support to tolerate spinal cancer treatment with fewer complications. Therapies like oncology rehabilitation, pain management and naturopathic medicine can help to reduce pain, preserve mobility and improve cognitive skills.

Learn about spinal cancer integrative oncology services

An accurate cancer diagnosis

accurate cancer diagnosis

Our team of cancer experts uses advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic technology to detect cancerous cells anywhere in the body.

Meet our neurosurgery experts

neurosurgery module

If you have a neurologic cancer, it's important to be seen by an integrated team of physicians with expertise in performing cancer-related surgical procedures on the nervous system and its supporting structures.

Meet some of our neurosurgery experts:

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