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interventional radiology

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The Interventional Radiology Department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) performs biopsies, treats tumors and manages other symptoms, all with fewer side effects and complications than traditional surgery. We use minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat cancer, as well as to alleviate a variety of symptoms that can occur during cancer treatment.

Common procedures

Our priority is to treat you with the most effective, least invasive treatments available for your cancer type. Common procedures include:

  • Needle-ablation procedures: These minimally invasive treatments use image-guided needles to destroy tumors. Ablation may be used to treat tumors or alleviate symptoms. Examples of ablation procedures we perform include microwave ablation, cryoablation and irreversible electroporation (IRE).
  • Liver-directed therapy: These minimally invasive procedures deliver therapeutic particles via a catheter to destroy tumors in the liver. Examples of the particles used include bland embolization, chemo-embolization, drug-eluting bead chemo-embolization and radio-embolization.
  • Drainage catheters: Catheters are used to relieve obstructions in the biliary tree (the ducts that drain the liver) and in the urinary tract (the kidney and ureters). The catheters may also be used to relieve post-operative fluid collections.
  • Port and PICC line placement: Many patients are given temporary ports and PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) lines to minimize the number of needle pricks during chemotherapy treatment or diagnostic blood work.

Most procedures are done on an outpatient basis or during a short hospital stay.

Integrative cancer care

The interventional radiology team works closely with your entire care team. Your personal team of doctors, cancer specialists and supportive care services clinicians share information every step of the way so you are empowered and supported. We’ll work closely with your oncologist to make your experience as seamless as possible from the start.

You may choose to receive supportive care services, like nutrition, naturopathic medicine and mind-body medicine, before, during or after an interventional radiology procedure. Many patients use these treatments to fight side effects and enjoy a better quality of life during cancer treatment.

All care is delivered seamlessly, so your time, energy or well-being is not wasted. At our hospital, there are no long waits for test results or treatments, no appointment hassles, and nothing is done without your understanding.

Innova IGS 540 Interventional Radiology Suite

In April 2012, CTCA at Southwestern Regional Medical Center acquired the GE Innova IGS 540 Interventional Radiology (IR) Suite. The state-of-the-art IR Suite allows our radiologists to obtain detailed images of difficult-to-reach tumors and perform real-time image-guided interventional procedures. Its capabilities provide greater image accuracy, visualization and treatment of tumors in difficult-to-reach areas, such as in the thyroid, lungs and liver.

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